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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ten Interesting Reasons to Save Money Each Month Using Coupons

Ten Interesting Reasons to Save Money Each Month Using Coupons

A few years back, we fell on hard times. I bought a paper thinking coupons would save us some money. All I found were coupons for junk food and paper products. I quickly gave up the idea of saving money by using coupons.

Years later, I was surfing the web, looking for nothing in particular. I stumbled upon a forum post by a woman who spent $5 for $75 worth of groceries. Always up for a challenge, I craved to learn more.

I am now one of those crazy coupon ladies. I am finally convinced of the power of the almighty coupon. Learn how to save money each month using coupons.

1. Coupons are cash. Plain and simple. Coupons are an actual legitimate form of currency. Not using them is throwing money away. Who throws money away?

2. Not only are coupons cash, but sometimes they are worth more than their face value. This makes coupons even better than cash. Find a grocery store in your area that doubles and triples coupons. Watch your savings multiply. You wouldn’t see that happen with cash.

3. Coupons aren’t just for junk food. Yes, there are a LOT of coupons for junk food. There are also a lot of coupons for paper products, make up, beverages, frozen vegetables, etc. Pretty much the only products you cannot easily find coupons for are meat and fresh produce. Buy those on sale. I know your grocery bill is compromised of more than meat and fresh produce.

4. Coupons are everywhere. Print them online. Cut them out of the paper. Grab them from the entrance of the grocery store. You can even load coupons electronically onto store loyalty cards. It’s ridiculously easy to find coupons nowadays.

5. Coupons allow you to use brand name items. Now, I am not a generic snob. If the generic is cheaper, I always buy generic. With coupons, I don’t have to. Generally when I combine a coupon with a sale, the brand name item is cheaper. Using coupons, I am buying brands I have never been able to afford!

6. Using coupons strategically you can easily save 50-75% off your grocery bill every single week.

7. The biggest savings come when you hold onto your coupons. Find a way to organize your coupons. Wait to use them until you can combine them with a really great sale. This is how the pros shop.

8. Think about how many coupons go unclaimed? Thousands of dollars right back into the advertisers pockets! Stake your claim! They are giving you money!

9. The more money you save on your groceries by using coupons, the more you can give back. Find a great deal and buy extra. Donate it. Coupons help you do good deeds.

10. Finally, in this economy who can afford not to use coupons? Everyone is pinching pennies. Can you afford not to use free money?

Learn how to strategically combine your coupons with sales for the best bang for your buck. Don’t walk into a store blindly and act shocked when the total is higher than you expect. Go in with a plan. Don’t forgot your cash, and never forget your coupons! I am a frugal mommy saving money, and I promise you can be too!


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