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Monday, August 23, 2010

Cutest little angels

cutest little angels

Small Business Loan Information - Small Business Loans Are a Real Business Boon

Small Business Loan Information - Small Business Loans Are a Real Business Boon

If you want to start a business or keep a somewhat faltering business afloat, a small business loan  may be just the business help that you need. You may want to seek out business management counselling firm on the internet to explore all of the options such as business debt consolidation or business debt settlement that are tools often used to deal with business debt that is rapidly becoming overwhelming. However, another option may to obtain a small business loan  at a good rate, that will allow the payoff of other existing business debts that may be at a higher interest rate, or, worse yet, becoming delinquent.

There are many lenders who offer small business loans and lines of credit up to $175,000.00 to qualified businesses with good credit ratings. Another very strong small business loan lender is the U.S. Small Business Administration, which specializes in providing small business loans to stimulate the business community. This independent agency has been servicing the business community since 1953, and it is dedicated to stimulating business growth in America.

It offers a number of products that are designed to aid small businesses but the most frequently used is the loan guarantee, wherein the agency is not the actual lender but it offers a guarantee to the lender which enables the business to obtain the loan it needs. The SBA programs specifically try to aid woman and minority entrepreneurs in establishing businesses.

The SBA offers small business loans and also offers small business grants that are awarded in response to a grant proposal written by the small business operator. These products are awarded without a requirement for repayment. However, if the business does not qualify for one of these grants, there are plenty of small business loan packages that will fit the needs. To apply for a small business loan you will need to have E.I.N. or Employee Identification Number and a Certificate of Limited Partnership. You will need a copy of the business plan and you will need to list each and every existing creditor, in addition to the accounts receivable. For a small business loan you will have to demonstrate that the business is basically solvent and that the incoming cash flow is sufficient to repay to loan without tapping the business assets, For example, if your own the retail space in which the business is located, it cannot be sold in order to raise the necessary funds to repay the loan.

A small business loan may be an alternative to a form of debt consolidation or other debt management product. It can be used to pay off existing debts or at least pay down the debts to reduce the amount of interest owed and ultimately paid. However, taking out a small business loan will mean that the business is assuming a new debt. It will be to the benefit of any business person to confer with a debt management consultant prior to taking out a small business loan. Speaking with a trained business debt management consultant about the business debts can allow the business owner to put them into perspective. Additionally, the business debt consultant will be able to educate the business owner regarding the many various options to deal with business debt. This will make the individual aware of all of the options and in a good place to make an informed decision regarding taking out a small business loan or making use of any other business debt remedy.

Once all of the options are explored with a business debt management consultant, it may be that a small business loan is the best product to cure the existing business debt or to allow the business to grow.

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Two young brothers brutally murdered in Sialkot

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

The island is situated in the east of Mumbai and a popular tourist
destination. The island's cave temples, the Elephanta Caves, that have
been carved out of rock attract millions of people each year.

Exercise For the Heart - Some Useful Pointers to Help You Get Started

Exercise For the Heart - Some Useful Pointers to Help You Get Started

Exercise for the heart is vital for promoting circulation and strengthening heart function. Sedentary life is counterproductive to good circulation. Making it a habit to include moderate cardiovascular exercise in your regular routine will greatly help reduce heart problems.

Effective moderate exercise for the heart includes walking briskly, general calisthenics, sports such as table tennis and swimming with moderate effort, cycling at a moderate speed, as well as canoeing and rowing at a speed of about 2 to 4 miles per hour. As you can see, exercising for heart wellness doesn't necessarily mean that you have to rush to get the best gym membership, all you need to do is look for a physical activity that you enjoy doing. As you do more, you increase your fitness levels!

Here are some simple ways on how you can exercise by increasing your activity levels. Yes, I am talking about everyday activities that you can increase to enhance your heart fitness.

1. Opting for the stairs or walking up escalators to tone buttocks and legs.

2. Instead of driving, walk to the shops or on your way to work. If you did groceries, carry the bags home to give your arms a nice workout.

3. You can choose to get off the train or the bus earlier. This will give you the perfect opportunity to walk a bit.

4. Walk short miles or use the bicycle instead of using the car.

5. Make the most out of your lunch break. Opt to go for a stroll.

If it's not possible for you to do some cardiovascular exercises in 30 minutes straight, you can choose to divide the time into manageable chunks. For instance, you can take a 5-minute walk to the shops and back to your home or take a 10 minute walk to and from the bus stop to school or to your workplace.

You can also do some exercise for the heart while you do some household chores! Washing the windows, ironing clothes, doing the laundry, gardening and vaccuming also count as exercise. You can use the weekends as an opportunity to stay active. From busy shopping trips to country walks and health spas to leisure centers, there is a wide range of activities and venues that you can choose from.

Top 10 Tips for Making Money With Drop Shipping

Top 10 Tips for Making Money With Drop Shipping

Occasionally, I like to present you with alternate methods of making money online. The following article is a guest post from fellow marketer, James Adams. James will present you with 10 excellent tips to make money as a drop shipper.

For those who are not familiar with drop shipping, Wikipedia defines drop shipping as a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

If you’re interested in making money with drop shipping, you’re not alone. With the ability to reduce or eliminate on-hand inventory, drop shipping is an attractive option for many people who are searching for ways to make money on the internet. Here are a few tips that may help you reduce your expenses and increase your ability to make money with drop shipping.

   1. Inventory Reduction – Inventory reduction is probably the number one moneymaking reason people get into drop shipping. With little or no supplies on hand, its less likely you’ll be left footing the bill if your products don’t sell or you decide to try your hand at something else.
   2. Start-up Costs – Without the need to stock a large supply of inventory, not only can you save money, but you may also be able to operate your business from home, making your initial investment and start-up costs minimal. This could leave your investment risk relatively low and your money making potential high.
   3. Loss Prevention – With inventory reduction, also comes another drop shipping moneymaking advantage – loss prevention. Chances of lost, broken/damaged, and stolen inventory may be reduced since you don’t have to keep inventory on hand.
   4. Time = Money – There can be a large time commitment involved with inventory management in a typical business, but with drop shipping, you may be able to avoid the time it takes to stock, maintain and manage inventory, and time can equal money.
   5. Reduced Overhead – Another moneymaking opportunity involved with drop shipping is reduced overhead. Without inventory to manage, you may not need employees to stock, price, order, etc. You may even find the need for an office or place of business is eliminated, which opens the opportunity for saving money on rent, utilities, property taxes, etc.
   6. Up-front Payments – By being paid by the buyer first, you may find you have a gap between when you receive payment and when you must pay the supplier. By getting your money first, you can reduce the chances of being stiffed on a payment, and with your money in an interest bearing account, you might even make a little money in the process.
   7. Advertising – Since a majority of your business will likely come from, and be conducted by way of the internet, the need for costly print marketing and advertising may be reduced, potentially adding coins to your coffers.
   8. Avoid the Middleman – Seeing as how by using drop shipping, you may already be the middleman, being able to purchase directly from the manufacturer rather than a wholesaler or warehouse may get you a much better price, which could allow you to increase your profit margins.
   9. Due Diligence – If you want to make money with drop shipping, you will likely have to conduct your due diligence, and at times be suspect of certain suppliers or transactions. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” This could be a good rule to live by when trying to make money in drop shipping.
  10. Relationship Building – By finding trustworthy suppliers and building a strong relationship with them, you may be able to set better, more reliable prices, and ensure supplies are available and in stock when you need them, thereby increasing your money making abilities as well as customer satisfaction.

Small Business Loans and Working Capital Management Changes

Small Business Loans and Working Capital Management Changes

There have recently been a number of small business loan changes for commercial borrowers to cope with, and the situation does not seem to be improving. Rather than focus on the changes themselves in this article (we have published separate reports describing the five major changes that have occurred so far), in this discussion we will address strategies for dealing effectively with the working capital management and commercial financing changes.

The strategies described below should be helpful for most typical situations involving small business loans and working capital financing. Because even the most straightforward business finance circumstances can involve unexpected complications, it is essential for any small business owner to discuss their specific scenario with a business financing expert.

The strategy likely to be of most help for small business borrowers will be a variation of contingency planning for their commercial finance needs. In its simplest form, this involves formulating a detailed plan for what action to take when specified events occur. For example, many banks are not currently refinancing commercial real estate loans under the same terms that they have in the past. Contingency planning for business financing would prepare a small business owner for the possibility that their bank will not refinance existing business debt by evaluating alternative new commercial lending programs and sources to consider if and when that happens. Similarly, it will be prudent for commercial borrowers to anticipate that their current business lender might reduce or eliminate an existing unsecured line of credit (working capital financing not secured by commercial property) because this trend is in fact already gaining momentum with commercial banks in all regions.

Another productive approach for dealing with changes involving small business loans is to review the existing mix of working capital loans, commercial mortgages and all other forms of business financing (including credit card processing arrangements) to determine the feasibility of reducing the current level of commercial debt for a business. In many cases, both individual consumers and small businesses have assumed more debt than truly necessary because banks made it excessively easy to do so. Now that most banks have effectively made it very difficult to obtain commercial loans, it is both logical and prudent for small business owners to seriously analyze whether it is now viable to reduce their dependence on bank financing.

Eye Problems and Eye Care Tips

Eye Problems and Eye Care Tips

For children, an eye exam before the age of six is always the best. Most of the school screenings are very good but there are times that some subtle problems are present that can become much larger issues in the event that they are missed. The window of opportunity to fix any of those problems is known to close around the age of eight or nine. In the event that everything is normal, then the exams are going to be every three to five years if that is acceptable.

Diabetic retinopathy is the diabetic eye disease that is most common and it is also the main underlying cause of blindness within adults in America. Your good vision is going to depend upon having a healthy retina. Even though diabetic retinopathy might not cause any changes to your vision immediately, over time the disease can develop into a worse condition and may cause you to lose your vision. Normally, this condition will affect both of the eyes.

Eye Care Tips: -

* While writing with the right hand, ensure light is on the left side so that the shadow does not fall on the writing material.
*Drink lots of water. This is indeed one of the effective eye care tips.
*If you have developed dirk circles under eyes then put slices of cucumber and potato to treat them.
* Soak Amla in water overnight. Strain it and use the water washing the eyes. It will provide a healthy comfort to the eyes.
* Use an umbrella or sunglasses to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
* Soaking cotton in lukewarm milk and placing it on the eyes also gives a soothing relief to tired eyes.
*Give a break to your eyes every 20 minutes this will help improve your productivity too.
*Make it a practice to relax the eye muscles by closing it at fixed intervals daily. Close it and think something pleasant.
*Red, itch eyes can be treated by splashing water mixed with salt. It cures the eye infections.
* If the eye tends to be puffy, take a nap for a short span, it will help.
* Keep away from lamps that produce heat.

Natural Treatment for Eyes: -

Black Eyes: - Apply an ice pack or a cold compress for 15 minutes once each hour for 4 or 5 hours.
Droopy Eyelids: - For immediate, temporary relief, chill 2 teaspoons in ice water and place them over your closed eyelids. If weakened muscles are the cause, increase your dietary protein and add supplements of vitamin C, bioflavonoid, and vitamin E.
Dark Circles: - Dark circles are caused by lack of sleep, fatigue, genetics, poor circulation of blood, or illness. You can read preventive methods and Under Eye Remedies to get rid off dark circles.
Dry Eyes: - Inadequate nutrition or lack of humidity in desert-dry air or overheated rooms may instigate itching and burning not caused by allergy or eyestrain.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Fome City, Miami - US

A Fome City, Miami - US

The City of Miami is a major city located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida, United States. Miami is the county seat of Miami-Dade County, the most populous county in Florida. It is the principal city and the center of the South Florida metropolitan area, which had a 2008 population of 5,414,712; ranking 7th largest in the U.S.. The Miami Urbanized Area was the fifth most populous urbanized area in the U.S. in the 2000 census with a population of 4,919,036. In 2008, the population of the Miami urbanized area had increased to 5,232,342, becoming the fourth-largest urbanized area in the United States, behind New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Reduce Body Heat Naturally: Home Remedy for Reducing Body Heat

Reduce Body Heat Naturally: Home Remedy for Reducing Body Heat

Body heat is the most common ailments endured by humans. It is the side-effect of the body’s normal metabolism. To create ATP, as energy sources are broken down and metabolized, some of the energy is lost as heat. Cells which need extra ATP produce extra heat. The most effective treatments to reduce body heat are household and natural ones. In this article there are home remedies for Reducing Body Heat.

In fighting off illness and infection, a high temperature is a part of the body’s natural way of supporting the immune system. If the body temperature becomes too high, it can become hazardous especially in children. Metabolic rate is reflected in body temperature. The lower the metabolic rate bigger the life span, and the higher the metabolic rate shorter the life span. In older children and adults, low grade fevers are generally not serious; they can be managed successfully at home. When the body temperature rises, blood is flooded through capillaries in the skin and when the temperature drop too low, blood is shunted away from the skin to prevent this heat loss. The person feels the need to put on more clothes, and begin to shiver. The increased body heat causes are lack of sleep, hypertension etc.
Home Remedies for Reducing Body Heat


    * 4-5 count Kokum fruit
    * 1 Glass Warm water or as needed
    * 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
    * 1/4 of an inch Ginger piece (optional)
    * Salt, A pinch
    * 1 tsp Honey / Jaggery

Method of preparation:

    * Take a bowl soak kokum fruit in 3/4cup of warm water along with cumin seeds overnight or atleast for 4-5 hours.
    * Then grind everything along with ginger and make it like a paste. Pass it through a sieve.
    * Take one tablespoon of this paste, along with jaggery/honey, salt and add water as needed.

Other remedies:

    * Soak Sabja seeds in water for sometime and add to milk with rose syrup. This is a good drink to cool down the system instantly. Sabja seeds are the best known substance that reduces body heat.
    * Kokum Juice is a health drink as it soaks up heat of the body and gives instant energy.
    * To treat body heat, two teaspoons of butter with a glass of warm milk is a good remedy.
    * Butter milk is good for reducing the body heat. It keeps the body cool and fresh. a teaspoon of salt for taste can be added.
    * Kokum Juice also gives relief from indigestion.
    * Excessive intake of hot spices, salt, oil fried foods, cheese, sour cream, fermented foods, coffee etc. must be avoided. These products will increase body heat.
    * Soak 8 to 10 almonds and 1 teaspoon rice overnight. Remove the outer skin and grind into a fine paste. Mix with some milk and add a pinch of turmeric powder and sugar candy to taste. Boil and drink.
    * Kokum Juice also mixed with yogurt and salt makes a perfect “natural antacid”.
    * To reduce body heat take a lot of vegetables, green leaves, fruits, salads and milk.
    * Kokum has refrigerant ingredients and serves as a natural neutralize to the heat.
    * Add 2 to 3 drops of almond oil to pomegranate juice and drink.
    * For keeping the body cool massage the body with herbal oil. It will also increase blood circulation well.
    * Reduction in gastric acidity, prevents muscosal damage, and is an anti-ulcer agent.
    * Musk melon is good for keeping the body cool. Include more grains, beans and starchy foods in diet. Musk melon juice with a spoon of sugar also can be had.
    * Foods that are astringent are good for reducing body heat. Vegetables are cooling and consuming of lots of vegetables and vegetable juices are very helpful in summer.
    * Consume more of starchy foods, grains and beans to decrease body heat.
    * Remove seeds from fresh amla fruits and grind the pulp into a fine paste. Tie it in a muslin cloth and squeeze out the juice. Take 2 teaspoons of this juice and mix it with 2 teaspoonfuls each honey and lime juice. Add 1 cup water and drink on an empty stomach every morning.
    * Two teaspoons of clarified butter in a glass of warm milk is a good remedy to treat aggravated body heat.
    * Drink abundance of liquids, coconut water, butter milk, fruit juices and at least 10 glasses of water daily.
    * Avoid alcoholic beverages and tea and coffee.
    * Barley is very good for cooling the body and kidneys. Barley can be eaten as salad or barley flour can be mixed with wheat flour for making bread.
    * Smoking should be completely avoided.
    * Eating a spoonful of fenugreek seeds daily will also help reduce the body heat.
    * Eat cucumber, water melon, karbooj fruits which has significant amount of water presence in it which in turn reduces the body heat.
    * Taking oil bath twice a week also brings down the body heat.
    * Doing pranayama postures of sheetari, sheetkari, sadanta will bring down the heat.
    * Poppy seeds are extremely good at reducing body heat. Consume a little amount of poppy seeds before sleeping helps to reduce body heat.
    * Eating B Complex tablets will help reduce body heat greatly.
    * Vegetarian foods must be consumed because consuming red meat can increase heat of the body.
    * Body heat can be reduced by intake of some pacifying tea concoctions such as Herbal tea, mint tea, fennel, coriander etc.

What are The Causes of Skin Cancer

What are The Causes of Skin Cancer

Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure, most commonly from sunlight, is overwhelmingly the most frequent cause of skin cancer.

Other important causes of skin cancer include the following:

    * Use of tanning booths

    * Immunosuppression-impairment of the immune system, which protects the body from foreign entities, such as germs or substances that cause an allergic reaction. This may occur as a consequence of some diseases or can be due to medications prescribed to combat autoimmune diseases or prevent organ transplant rejection.

    * Exposure to unusually high levels of x-rays

    * Contact with certain chemicals-arsenic (miners, sheep shearers, and farmers), hydrocarbons in tar, oils, and soot (may cause squamous cell carcinoma)

The following people are at the greatest risk:

    * People with fair skin, especially types that freckle, sunburn easily, or become painful in the sun

    * People with light (blond or red) hair and blue or green eyes

    * Those with certain genetic disorders that deplete skin pigment such as albinism, xeroderma pigmentosum

    * People who have already been treated for skin cancer

    * People with numerous moles, unusual moles, or large moles that were present at birth

    * People with close family members who have developed skin cancer

    * People who had at least one severe sunburn early in life

Basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas are more common in older people. Melanomas are more common in younger people. For example, melanoma is the most common cancer in people 25-29 years of age.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Most Beautiful Flower in the World

The Most Beautiful Flower in the World - Romantic music for the piano

Flowers of many colors, radiating love and harmony.

Music: The Most Beautiful Flower in the World, my composition

Getting Insulin Pump for Diabetes Treatment

Getting Insulin Pump for Diabetes Treatment

 Diabetes treatment – insulin pump

Insulin pumps are mostly used by people with Diabetes Type 1. However, more and more people with Type 2 are starting to use them.

Users say that the pump allows them to get the treatment to adapt to them, instead of the other way round as is the case with insulin injections.

An Insulin Pump really can help you maintain your blood glucose levels with specific parameters.

Delivers short acting insulin all day and night

The pump delivers short (rapid) acting insulin, around the clock, through a catheter placed under your skin. It separates your insulin dosage into the basal rate and the bolus dose.

Basal insulin

This is your normal level of blood insulin when you have not eaten or when you are asleep. Basal insulin is delivered constantly throughout the day and night. It is possible to set the pump so that amounts vary, depending on what time of day and night it is.

Bolus (extra)

When you eat your blood will need more insulin. You press buttons on the insulin pump which will give you a bolus – additional insulin. The bolus covers your increased insulin requirement because you have consumed carbohydrate.

If your blood glucose is too high you can take a bolus to bring it back down again.

Where do you have (wear) it?

Most people simply attach the pump to their belt or waistband using a clip or case. You can also keep it in your pocket.

If you are wearing a dress you could attach it to your arm or leg under your clothes.

When sleeping many people place the pump next to them on the bed, place it under the pillow or attach it to their clothing.

Pump manufacturers say the pump is very rugged and will withstand being dropped on the floor or the occasional soaking. However, you should try to avoid that from happening.

Advantages of an insulin pump

    * No more injections

    * The pump is more accurate

    * They improve A1C

    * Blood glucose levels fluctuate less badly

    * Easier diabetes management

    * More leeway on your eating times

    * More leeway on what you eat

    * You can exercise without eating loads of carbs

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Survey Shows Fewer Dropped Calls for iPhone 4 Than iPhone 3GS

Research firm, ChangeWave has conducted the survey on 213 Apple iPhone owners, which shows that iPhone 3GS call drop is 6.3%, as compare to 5.2% drop calls by iPhone 4.

The survey also analyzed some other perspectives of iPhone 4 device including customer satisfaction: iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 likes and dislikes and the issue of dropped calls.
In following have a quick look at charts to know the results of ChangeWave iPhone 4 survey report.

Customer Satisfaction: iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4 Likes

iPhone 4 Dislikes

The Issue of Dropped Calls

Pakistan’s President Zardari Pelted with Shoes at Birmingham Rally

A man has thrown shoes to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan while he was giving his speech at a rally at the Birmingham ICC conference center before he ended his visit to Britain.

According to the eyewitness:
“Zardari was in the middle of a long campaign speech when a man towards the back of the crowd hurled the shoes at president.”
This is also reported that during the speech an old man from the crowed has started shouting over President Zardari against his visit of Britain while Pakistan is facing devastating floods and other people walked out in protest from rally.
The UK police take that old man away and West Midlands Police said it was investigating the shoe-throwing incident.
A spokesman also said:
“This case of shoe throwing over Mr. Zardari will be discussed with the high commission to see how they wish to proceed.”

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beauty of Dubai at Night

Beauty of Dubai at Night

Useful Methods of Diabetes Cure and Treatment

Useful Methods of Diabetes Cure and Treatment
Treatment for Diabetes

In this article we are going to discuss about the proper way on implementing treatment for diabetes. Though there are more diabetes types, in this article we will only cover treatment of diabetes type 1 and type 2. This is due to the reason that those two are the most common found diabetes types in our society. Let’s get into more details on this subject.

Treatment for Type 1 diabetes – The body of people having Type 1 diabetes is unable to produce the right amount of insulin that the body needs. People having Type 1 diabetes will need to take insulin injections everyday.

Sometimes insulin will be available in certain forms that can be inhaled and they will not have to be injected. The insulin will have to be taken everyday.

There are different varieties of insulin that are used to treat people having Type 1 diabetes. The kind of insulin that is required will depend on how much time is required for the insulin to work inside the body. Using certain types of insulin can also cause some side effects.

People having Type 1 diabetes will have to keep checking their blood sugar levels many times during the day. They will have to inject insulin in the body using a syringe, pump or a pen.

They should also follow a strict diet chart that will help in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body. The timing of each meal is also important. If any meal is skipped or even taken later than the normal time, it will cause the blood sugar levels to drop.

The blood sugar levels will also drop if he eats too little or does too much exercise or has even taken more insulin than is required. He might feel giddy, start sweating or even feel sleepy. He can drink some fresh fruit juice or have some dry fruits or any other food that is rich in glucose in order to bring his blood sugar levels back to normal.

Treatment for Type 2 diabetes – Type 2 diabetes normally occurs in people who have a sedentary lifestyle which consist of no exercise and a very irregular diet pattern. The first step in treating diabetes is following a proper diet chart along with regular exercise.

This will help in keeping the blood sugar levels stable up to a certain extent. But this alone will not be enough. Certain medicines will have to be taken orally to maintain the blood sugar levels normally. Sometimes a combination of drugs will be required. These drug combinations will sometimes be available in the form of a single tablet. Some people have to take oral medication as well as insulin injections in order to keep the blood sugar levels stable.

Every person having type 2 diabetes will have a different combination of medicines that have been prescribed by the doctor. Many people will have to take medicines as well as insulin injections to keep their diabetes under control while some just need to control their diet properly and also follow a rigorous exercise routine. But anyone having diabetes should make sure that they check their blood sugar levels everyday. They should take special care of their eating habits.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010